Friday, May 4, 2012


Years ago I began to notice something odd, and I knew I was getting old. It became apparent when I could no longer read the names of cities on the Rand McNally Road Atlas. After a visit with an eye specialist, he said all I needed to do was purchase a cheap pair of reading glasses from the local Walgreens. Over the years I have probably lost or misplaced more pairs of glasses then I care to admit. Recently I have purchased these readers in sets of three, and no matter how much I try to keep track of them, I usually set them aside, then forget where I put them (another sign of aging). It has been somewhat humorous that my lost glasses have been reappearing lately. Now I stumble over them constantly. After feeding my dogs a couple of days ago, I heard a loud crunch, followed by a verbal tyrade by Ozzy. His speech was a bit more colorful than usual, and it became obvious why he reacted so strongly; "What idiot put a pair of eyeglasses in my dog dish?"

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